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Our specialist team are here to help manage the technical complexities of your website. Whether your website was developed by us or not we can make your life easier.

We ensure all updates to the CMS and plugins are undertaken correctly and perform regular site backups.

We Understanding that each business has different requirements, we will happily offer advice and guidance on what services we feel suit you best

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Our web services aren’t limited to design and development, we also offer a range of website maintenance services with different packages, covering content migrations, managing hosting environments as well as website security. We ensure all updates to the CMS and plugins are undertaken correctly and perform regular site backups.
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Why Choose Web Maintenance?

Small issues and problems can be ignored before they add up. The final result can become a constant loss of business or down time which can stop you from working and fixing the entire thing. If you always keep your business website updated and maintained regularly will result into less chance that something drastic will go wrong, and cost you a large amount to fix.
If you plan to make any important changes in your business structure, it is very essential to update those changes in your business website. Maintaining your website on a regular basis can help you to make customers aware about such changes in time.
Publishing press releases or articles work great in terms of maintaining and updating your business website with new content and information. Search engines always favor content rich websites and the essential information on your business website provides value to the visitors on your websites as well.

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Frequently asked questions

01 How much does a graphic design retainer cost?

Your rate will vary depending on the type of package you choosse work involved.

02 What are your billing cycles?

We will be emailing you an invoice at the start of every month.

03 Do i only have a choice from the 3 packages mentioned on your website ?

Ofcourse not, we are very flexible and would be ready any day to provide you with a customized package

04 What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel at any time and you will only be billed for that current month. You can also start again at any time.