A Creative retainer is a contractual agreement between a company and a client, in which the company guarantees to work on Graphic materials monthly 

Activities and initiatives are pre-established between the client and the company and are detailed in a proposal or “statement of work” document.

Are you ready to have a professional graphic designer on retainer? Having a creative eye on your marketing collateral first will put your mind at ease.Contracting a graphic designer on retainer has multiple benefits 

1) Creativity with professionalism 

Getting a creative retainer designing contract is definitely a smart idea maybe one of the best decisions you would ever make. Designers who work on contract bases have experience working with several companies which makes the designer company well experienced having worked with different companies, therefore making it easier for them to understand your company and requirements which will definitely put your mind at ease.

2) No Payroll Overwhelm

One of the biggest advantages would be saving money from hiring an extra employee because you have access to a professional designer 

3) Brand new source of ideas.

Sometimes it can be difficult to voice your ideas in words, let alone images! retainer graphic desingers are trained to take your vision and bring it to life. A good designer will be able to incorporate your thoughts, and also add ideas of their own in order to develop stronger visual concepts. Not only can a designer help you realize your vision, they also know how to reinforce your core message and clearly communicate it to your target audience.

4) Accounting Simplification

Since most retainers would offer a monthly before getting into any contract . This can help you stay organized and know that a specific amount is due on the first of the month.

5) Long Term Relationship

Trying to find different deisgners everytime you need a graphic material could be quite a hassel, having a retainer contract can ensure you are in safe hands since most retainer deisgners have proved to be trusted partner who know your brand